Free counselling services with a trained counsellor are routinely available to all upon request.

Location: Counselling is generally provided within the premises of The Centre. When required, arrangements for counselling in the distantly located Department of Psychology at the St James’s site can be made. Couples can request to be counselled together or individually. You may seek assistance at any time before, during or after treatment. It is entirely confidential and private between you and the counsellor and will not be judgmental or prejudicial. The counsellor is also HFEA licensed and has a statutory duty in exceptional circumstances to give essential information that may affect the Welfare of future or existing children to the team.

Access: There are no limits to the number of times you attend and to make an appointment you can ring the unit directly any time during the working days of the week. Couples needing assistance of interpreters are advised to either bring a known interpreter with them or give sufficient notice for an interpreter to be arranged by the trust.

Counselling can take several forms, namely:

  • Support: This is to discuss the social and emotional aspects of sub-fertility, help you at times of distress or confusion and to minimise the potential impact of treatment outcome to you and your partner.
  • Discussion of Implications: We may advise you to see the counsellors in specific circumstances to discuss the implications of certain aspects of your treatments and the choices you may wish to consider. It is best if you request an appointment with the counsellor after you have had a chance to read our information booklets and attend the new patient seminar.
  • Therapeutic: This is when the counsellor helps you devise coping strategies to understand your feelings, prevent guilt or self harm and help to develop the ability to come to terms with the situation.
  • Assessment: Whenever there is a concern that you may not have understood the issues relevant to the Welfare of the Future or Existing child / children, the team may refer you for an assessment by the counsellor.