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Leeds Fertility (the combined name for The Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine & Genesis Reproductive Health), is currently based at Seacroft Hospital, West Yorkshire. Leeds Fertility is one of the largest and most comprehensive IVF clinics in the UK and a leader in the North of England. Patients are referred with a wide range of infertility disorders, including early pregnancy loss. The consultants provide state of the art, evidence based clinical service and actively engage in research and teaching.

Over 1000 new patients are seen on an annual basis with a wide range of diagnoses.

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  • Time-lapse imaging technology features on Look North, BBC

    Genesis recently featured on BBC’s Look North to discuss our new facilities at Seacroft and explain the benefits these offer patients.

  • ‘Time Lapse Photography – Embryo Scope’ and ‘Endometrial Scratch’ available

    Genesis is pleased to offer time-lapse imaging technology using the Embryo Scope and ‘Endometrial Scratch’ both of which are 2 new developments that we expect will further improve our success rates. Please ask your consultant for further information

  • ‘Funding still a key issue’ in new IVF guide

    Professor Adam Balen of the British Fertility Society has welcomed the recommendation that the cut-off age for women to get IVF on the NHS should be raised and that there will be equal access to IVF for gay couples. However he has warned that these proposals will have little effect on the ‘postcode lottery’ where…