Legal issues:

  1. As explained above, HFEA regulations permit that the embryo storage for a maximum of five years.
  2. An extension to this storage period may be available up to 10 years in certain circumstances.
  3. Please view your embryos as your responsibility and us as merely their caretakers. The trust contacts you every year for your instructions with regards to these embryos. You may choose to maintain them in storage, discard them, have them replaced to yourself or donate them to other couples. The trust also charges you a fee for their continued storage on an annual basis.
  4. It is extremely important that you keep us fully aware of any change in address.
  5. Failure to remain in contact could lead us to discard the embryos if your consent with the trust for an agreed period of storage has expired.
  6. The embryos cannot be maintained in storage or donated without the full written consent and agreement of both partners.
    Similarly the embryos cannot be replaced or donated to another couple without the written consent of both partners.
    Donating embryos to others would require both partners to undergo a screening process, similar to that for sperm and egg donors.