Weight can play a significant part in ensuring a patient has a successful outcome with IVF treatment. The following section provides key information on why weight management is important, outlines its relationship with fertility problems and provides a guide to successfully managing weight.

Weight Management and Subfertility

Recent evidence suggests that obesity is not limited to UK and US but is also progressively increasing across Europe and South Asia. In England, almost 1 in 2 women is either in the obese or overweight category. The likelihood of becoming overweight increases...

What is the relationship between Weight and Fertility?

Fertility and body weight are inter-related and both under weight as well as over weight women experience difficulties in conceiving. Furthermore, the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, restriction in baby’s growth, diabetes in pregnancy, hypertension a...

How does one get overweight?

Find out more about what causes one to be overweight.

Key for Successful Weight Management

Learn more about the keys to successfully managing your weight.

General Guidelines

Read more about general guidelines for dietary therapy for weight management.