The success of using samples depends on the quality and quantity of the sperm, which was stored. Men who have been very ill systemically e.g. with persistent fever, weight loss, loss of appetite etc. generally have very poor sperm samples and sometimes may have even switched off their sperm production completely. Therefore the quality of sperm samples obtained is very variable between patients and depends on individual circumstances. We will always offer you the chance than make judgements ourselves.

The samples are diluted with a preservative when they are frozen to protect the sperm against damage during the freezing process. However this does not guarantee the sample will survive the freeze-thaw process, and even if it does, there is usually a reduction in the motility of the sperm. As previously stated the chances of success in achieving a pregnancy depend on many factors including the method chosen for their use. If sufficient numbers of sperm of adequate quality have been frozen then we would expect you to have a reasonable chance of achieving a pregnancy BUT this cannot be guaranteed.

  1. The Centre also cannot use sperm for anybody else other than the patient and his named partner. This is an extremely important factor that you, your relatives and your partner must consider before signing consents and storing sperm.