This section provides information on sperm storage including outlining the costs, procedures & prospects available to a patient who wishes to store sperm at Genesis Reproductive Health. Please review the following pages below.

About Sperm Storage

This section has been written to help you understand the purpose and method of sperm storage. We hope that it will answer some of the questions that you may have before, during and after your treatment. If you have further questions, comments or queries...

What Happens?

Sperm storage can be considered soon after a decision has been made by you after a recommendation by the doctor. Read this page for more information.

Initial Consultation in The LCRM

Details about you initial consultation in The LCRM

Semen sample and storage

You will be seen by an embryologist after consultation with the doctor, and once your screening results are available. This will require an appointment at a mutually convenient time when you will attend here and provide a sample by masturbation. The sample...

What are the prospects of using frozen sperm?

The success of using samples depends on the quality and quantity of the sperm, which was stored. Men who have been very ill systemically e.g. with persistent fever, weight loss, loss of appetite etc. generally have very poor sperm samples and sometimes...

Other factors

It is impossible to predict what will be possible with the technology of the future and this makes it difficult to define limits below where it will not be possible to preserve sperm. However if the laboratory staff feel that the prospects of sperm survival...

Follow Up

Follow up information you should be aware of.

What costs are involved?

More about the costs involved with storage.