If you experience any of the warning symptoms you need to contact the clinic immediately, in normal working hours Mon to Fri 8.00 am – 5.00 pm on 0113 2063111.

Out of hours

You should contact St James’s Hospital switch board on 0113 2433144 and you can contact the LCRM duty member of the staff via the emergency mobile telephone.

You will be seen on the Unit by a doctor who will examine and assess you. A scan may be performed, you will be taught how to monitor your fluid balance at home and you will have a few blood tests to assess your blood count, blood clotting, liver function and kidney function until you are due for a pregnancy test.

In most circumstances the symptoms usually settle over a few days. We will also provide you with medication to make you feel less sick and pain killers if you are in discomfort. However when required we may:

1.    give you an intravenous infusion of salt poor albumin in LCRM as a prophylactic measure
2.    arrange hospitalisation in our gynaecology wards at St James’s for further observation and treatment.

If you have any queries please contact the Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine on 0113 2063111.


Professor A H BALEN,  Mr A J Rutherford & Mrs V Sharma