This section provides an introduction to IVF treatment and covers information such as regulations, patient consents and what to expect when starting a cycle.

Causes of Subfertility

Nearly 1 in 6 couples will require some form of sub-fertility assistance. This page outlines the causes of subfertility.


IVF is one of the most regulated practises in the UK. Please read the information in this page to better understand what regulations Genesis Reproductive Health LLP & you must comply with.

Starting A Cycle

Information about starting a cycle.


IVF treatment & its associated processes are closely monitored and regulated to ensure your rights and the rights of any future children are adequately protected. The following information covers consents required for a number of areas within the fie...

Natural conception

In most women one egg is released during every menstrual cycle. This usually occurs in the middle of the cycle. The first part of the cycle, from the start of the period to ovulation, is called the follicular phase. During this phase, the egg that will...

Natural vs IVF

Naturally the ovary continuously recruits and develops the eggs. The egg develops over 60-90 days but only the last 14 days are in the menstrual cycle and when we can make changes. Normally the ovary recruits a group of eggs and the number allocated each...

Preconception Advice

This page contains preconception advice, including advice about weight management and smoking cessation.

Long term storage

Long tern storage is primarily for the storage of gametes and/or embryos prior to chemo or radiotherapy for cancer. We will be pleased to provide specific information on the length of storage permitted legally in your case. This can be quite a long storage...