I was told to take Microgynon at the same time every day from the first day of my period then ring the unit to be told when to take the stimulation drugs. When should I ring?

  • It is important to contact the unit on the first working day that you start the Microgynon. Please ring during the day Monday to Friday on The Centre’s direct line (8.30am – 5pm) and ask to speak to a nurse who will arrange your next appointment and clarify the next instructions with you. Please make sure you have your treatment schedule with you when you contact the unit. NB These instructions and appointments cannot be given out of normal working hours.

I have started my stimulation injections and have either continued to bleed or have started to bleed. What should I do?

  • This is a frequent occurrence and is nothing to worry about. Continue with the medication as planned and inform the staff at your next appointment. If you are concerned or believe the bleeding to be excessive then call the unit and ask to speak to a nurse for advice.