I was told to take Microgynon at the same time every day from the first day of my period then ring the unit to be told when to take the suppression drugs. When should I ring?

  • It is important to contact the unit on the first working day that you start the Microgynon. Please ring during the day Monday to Friday on The Centre direct line (8.30am – 5pm) and ask to speak to a nurse who will arrange your next appointment and clarify the next instructions with you. This cannot be done out of normal working hours.

I was told to start my suppression drugs on the 1st day of my cycle. I have started my period but it is very light. Should I wait until tomorrow or start my medication now?

  • The day you start bleeding is the first day of the cycle so that is when you should start your suppression drugs, irrespective of the amount of bleeding or the time of the day when it starts. Even if the medication is given a day or two early, your treatment will not be affected. On the other hand delay in giving the injection can lead to a stimulatory response to start with which can delay your treatment.

I was told to start my drugs on the 21st day of the menstrual cycle?

  • The day you start bleeding is the first day of the cycle. Please count 21 days from this date and start your drugs as prescribed. A day before or after will not make a material difference so please do not worry. You can start drugs on 20-22nd day with the same effect.

I am taking drugs to suppress my cycle but have started to bleed again?

  • Your hormone levels fall once the suppression has occurred. It is very common at that time to have a 2nd period like bleeding. There will be no problems. Please keep your appointment as planned.