Please note that the decisions regarding freezing, storing and discarding embryos formed with donated sperm must comply with written consents of both the donor and recipient. This includes for how long embryos can be stored and whether or not they can be used after the death or mental incapacitation of the donor or recipient. It is also possible for either donor or recipient to withdraw consent to storage, in which case the embryos have to be allowed to perish.

During treatment, we discuss the outcome of fertilisation and quality of embryos with the recipient. We usually advise embryo freezing only if there are at least three suitable embryos. The embryos can be kept frozen for 5 years (up to a maximum of 10 years in certain circumstances) from the date of freezing.

You have a responsibility for any embryos stored at The Centre. You must advise us of any change of address, personal circumstances, or if you want to change any consents.


Research is carefully regulated and centres have to obtain specific research licences for the projects that they conduct or take part in. From time to time we are involved in research projects and we will provide relevant information to you if appropriate.