The following page provides information for individuals wishing to make an appointment, be it for a nurse consultation, clinic or to visit our new patient seminar.

New Patient Seminar

Venue: The Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Seacroft Hospital, York Road, Leeds LS14 6UH

Setting: In this seminar there will be slide presentations by a doctor, a nurse specialist, an embryologist and counsellor.Objective: Our intention is to explain the treatment process with the help of slides, highlight important legal and treatment issues, risks and precautions that we would take to protect your well being. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions and meet other patients who might undergo treatment at the same time as you.

There is no cost, commitment or obligation undertaken by attending this seminar.

We strongly encourage that everybody attends this seminar before starting a treatment cycle. You can attend as many times as you wish and no appointments are necessary.

To book appointments for nurse consultation, baseline scan or sperm analsyis, please contact either:

Annette Warburton

  • Tel: 01132063156
  • Email:

Dale Slade

  • Tel: 0113 2063126
  • Email:

Referral & Clinic

There are two levels of services:

Secondary care:

These couples have been referred by their General Practitioners from within the Leeds district for investigations of subfertility. The need for assisted conception is realised during the course of assessments.

Tertiary care:

These couples are referred by other specialists from the neighbouring district general hospitals after appropriate investigations have already been performed and a diagnosis has been reached. Most of the assessments would have been performed recently and would not require repetition but we may perform further assessments in certain areas such as request a more advanced sperm analysis, hormone profile, genito-urinary infection screen and a baseline scan. We will proceed to treatment when you are satisfied have the appropriate time to fully consider all legal and treatment related issues.

Funding of treatment

Each PCT defines its own criteria for access to NHS funded treatment.  When you come to the clinic, we can provide relevant information regarding your PCT’s eligibility criteria.

Amongst patients eligible for NHS treatment, PCT’s and hospitals comply with the government’s ‘18 Week Target’ for time to start treatment.

Patients not eligible for NHS funding have the option of proceeding as Genesis patients.  You will be advised of this at your clinic appointment when the indicated treatment is discussed with you. At that time a trust price list will also be provided.

Before the treatment, the finance officer in the unit will give you the relevant invoices. The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust expects you to settle your account by credit card, cash or bankers draft before the nurse consultation appointment.

Existing Patient Enquiries:

Please direct general enquiries to a specific consultant using the details listed below:

Mrs Vinay Sharma’s secretary:

Professor Balen’s secretary:

Mr A Rutherford’s secretary