Referral to The Leeds Centre for Reproductive Medicine (The Centre)
Sperm storage can be considered soon after a decision has been made by you after a recommendation by the doctor. The steps are as follows:

  1. Your doctor will;

    1. Arrange the hepatitis B, C and HIV and syphilis screening
    2. Contact The Centre during the working hours (see front page for details) for an appointment.
  2. The doctor will discuss options, check results, take or arrange for HFEA and LTHT consents for storage of sperm to be taken and arrange then for the embryologist to see you. This may occur in the same visit.
  3. The embryologist will take you to the appropriate private rooms where after appropriate instruction you will provide your first sperm sample for storage.
  4. The sperm sample will be stored in small aliquots (portions) in the suitable container for long term storage.
  5. You will be sent an annual review appointment for discussion regarding this sample, your current fertility at that time and any issues that have arisen since diagnosis and treatment. You will also be advised regarding the probable chances of your sperm surviving after freezing and thaw.
  6. You will then receive annual letters from us which ensure that you keep us informed of your intentions regarding the stored sperm.
  7. Once the samples are no longer required by yourself, you would be expected to advise the trust to discard the sperm.
  8. If it is felt that the there is no clinical indication for continued storage of sperm, you may continue storage irrespective but there is a cost involved as per trust procedures for voluntary sperm storage. We can provide you with the current annual cost at the time.

Currently there is a cost for sperm storage as the Primary care Trusts (PCTs) responsible for your NHS treatment do not fund this